For most renters, taking out a renter’s insurance policy is optional, although there are some landlords who will require it. But in all cases, renter’s insurance is a good idea if you are renting a property. It’s an inexpensive insurance policy that can help protect renters and their belongings, usually costing just a couple buck a month for surprisingly great coverage. Most people know that renter’s insurance can help them pay to replace their belongings in case of a theft or damage, but that’s just the beginning of what it can do. The number of benefits you get from a renter’s insurance policy are pretty amazing and well worth every dollar that you spend on it.

Here are some of the surprising things renter’s insurance covers…and why you should take a second look at taking out one of these home insurance policies with our team in Munster!

Did You Know Renter’s Insurance Covers All of This?

Your expenses if you are forced to relocate.

If for some reason you can no longer live in your rented property, many renter’s insurance policies will cover your expenses while you relocate and wait for the repairs to be done. This can be huge savings to you; spending a week or two in the local motel isn’t going to be cheap, so having your renter’s insurance pick up the tab will be well worth a couple of dollars you pay a month for the policy.

Your property that’s in your vehicle.

Your coverage doesn’t stop at your front door. Many renter’s insurance policies cover the property that is stolen out of your vehicle. That’s good to know in case you accidentally leave your laptop in the car overnight and find that someone’s run off with it in the light of day. You’ll be able to make a claim for your laptop even though it wasn’t inside of your rented property.

Your property when you are moving in-state.

Many policies cover your property while you are moving, but that coverage may only extend to in-state moves. Once you cross the state line, you could be on your own, so make sure you check your policy before you load up the moving van. That’s peace of mind when it comes to moving your stuff from point A to point B; you won’t have to worry (as much) about it getting damaged along the way.

Your property while you are on vacation.

Ever lose your stuff while you are on vacation? It can really take the fun out of a trip. Maybe your luggage is stolen or your cell phone goes missing. You’ll probably be able to make a claim against your renter’s insurance for it, so you can move on with your vacation stress-free. That offers you peace of mind not only at home but while you are on the road.

It covers you in a case of liability.

This is a huge benefit for renter’s insurance! You policy will cover you for liability. That means if someone is hurt on your property, your insurance will cover their expenses. It also covers you for things like accidentally breaking your neighbor’s grill. Now a simple mistake or accident isn’t going to completely drain your savings, thanks to your insurance policy.

Your policy covers cash, too.

Renter’s insurance policies aren’t just about replacing things. It covers any cash that’s stolen from your home or car as well. For instance, if you lose $1000 in a bank envelope along with your laptop, you can claim both of those items on your renter’s insurance policy. That can be a big sigh of relief when you deal in mostly cash.

Do You Have the Renter’s Insurance That You Need?

Not all renter’s insurance policies are the same! You’ll need an experienced home insurance team in Munster like the Gutierrez Agency to walk you through the process of finding the right insurance policy for your needs. We’ll help you calculate how much coverage you need and look for a policy that will cover all of your belongings. We’ll also make sure that you know exactly what you are being covered for and how to make a claim against your policy if you need to do so.

Give us a call or contact our team through our website and we’ll get to work on finding a renter’s insurance policy that’s right for you!